Georgia Fall POTA Sprint Forms/Rules/Register

Somewhat Simple Rules

  • POTA rules apply
  • Call CQ POTA as you would on any other day.
  • Use the spotting page
  • It’s contest-like so no WARC band operation is permitted for scoring, but if you want to venture out, simply omit those QSOs from your submitted log. Logs with WARC band QSOs will not be accepted.
  • The sprint time frame is from 10am to 2pm eastern time. If you're having fun, stay after the event is over and keep playing radio!
  • You may set up your equipment at any time, and there is no restriction for operating before or after the sprint, but only QSOs made during the event time frame window will count towards your score.
  • Currently there are 202 POTA entities in Georgia. Choose any park that interests you to activate.
  • There is no limit to how many parks you activate as long as it is within the sprint time frame window. There is no advantage to roving points-wise, but some operators or clubs may choose to activate from different locations. You may include all contacts made from any Georgia park in your submission as long as they were made inside the sprint time frame window
  • n-fers are allowed!!! Be sure that you include the <MY_SIG_INFO> for each park or the QSOs will be rejected as duplicates.
  • QSOs with n-fers must include <SIG_INFO> for each QSO or it will be rejected as a duplicate.
  • Points are calculated as followed:
    # of SSB/digital QSOs + (# of CW QSOs x 2) = final score
  • Two operating classes: Club or Individual
  • Power classes: Low Power (100w or less) or QRP (10w max SSB and 5w max CW/Digital)
  • This event is not geared towards hunters in any way. This was originally created for comradery between clubs in Georgia, though anyone may participate as an activator this year (even if you're from out of state and operating in a Georgia park). Hunters get the benefit of potentially working a new park during the sprint. Activators should take advantage of making park to park contacts with other Georgia activators especially if you see a new park to you!
  • AWARDS: There are no awards for this event. Bragging rights on the final standings is all that is offered.
  • Please don't worry about "winning or losing". You are not required to participate the entire time. Practice operating portable or use this as an opportunity to introduce new hams (or old) to a different aspect of the hobby. (ex. In 2023, Colquitt County mentored new Technicians from Valdosta State University's Baked Hams Club in operating radios and making QSOs on HF bands. We even set them up with a radio on 10 meters and let them chase DX just for the fun of it.)


  • Date: Saturday, October 28, 2023
  • Time: 10:00am to 2:00pm EASTERN (LOCAL GEORGIA TIME) - 1400z to 1800z (UTC)

Signups and Score Submissions

  • Sign up to participate at
  • After the sprint, submit your logs at
    The log submission window will open the day of the sprint and close two weeks after the sprint.
  • Please upload your logs to so hunters may get credit.
  • Check back after the log submission window is closed to see the final standings and start bragging.
  • Sign up for a log-in to make a blog post at, and make a guest blog post bragging about your setup and who participated.
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